🤝Application Procedure

🤝 Application Procedure

The application form

In order to start the application process, fill out the Poodl Exchange application form. A member of our team will review the application and contact you to schedule an introductory call and take the next steps.

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The intro call

The intro call with a Poodl team member is an opportunity to show off your project. Prepare a ten-minute pitch showing what your project is about in a nutshell, and what your differentiator is compared to others in the space.

This isn't a one-sided call, though. Take the opportunity to ask all of the questions you have about Poodl and how listing on Poodl Exchange could help your project.

Additional information

You may be asked to provide additional information about your project. As soon as everything checks out and you get the green light from the Poodl Team, you can move on to the next steps.


Both for newly launching projects, projects that are already live and already a security audit from a reputable firm, we will review that set of results.

Once the audit is done, come back to us with the results. Specifically, you should provide:

  • A link to the verified contract on a blockchain scanner.


Your team doesn't have to be doxed to list on Poodl. Even if you do publish the names of your core team, we'd still like to meet with you to learn more about who you are. Poodl will never dox a team or individual team members that are not willing to be doxed.

Private KYC

If you are not publicly doxed, we require you to complete a private KYC.

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