Add Poodl White Label to a project using React.

NPM Package



From the root of your project, if you use YARN, run:
yarn add @poodl/widget
If you use NPM, run:
npm i @poodl/widget


Import the widget with:
import { PoodlApp } from "@poodl/widget";


You can now render the widget as a component with
<PoodlApp {...config} />
where config is an object specifying all the customizations. Learn more about that in the implementation walkthrough.
Note that if you do not specify any custom configuration, you will get the default ones.


Once you have installed the package with YARN or NPM, add the following code to one of your pages to render the widget with default options.
import { PoodlApp } from "@poodl/widget";
export default function App() {
return (
<div className="App">
<PoodlApp />